Artemis Village

The Area

Artemis Village is a small paradise in Stavros, Akrotiri. Its location facilitates daily excursions at the most beautiful beaches and the most important sightseeing, as it is very near to them.


The County of Chania has many beaches that have been internationally recognized for their natural beauty and clear waters. Some of those on the Acrotiri include Tersanas, Kalathas, Loutraki, Marathi, the wonderfully pristine Seitan Limania and, of course, Stavros itself, just 700 m from Artemis Village.


Artemis village is very close to a number of historical sites and places: caves, such as those of Lera at Stavros and the Cave of the Bear near to the Monastery of Gouverneto, as well as the monasteries themselves: Gouverneto, Agia Triada, the ruined monastery at Catholico and the nunnery at Korakies.

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